merry christmas to all

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas spending time with family and friends! note to self: next year do not spend money on expensive toys, because the kids have more fun rolling around in a giant paper bag.


the nutcracker

just getting ready for the sugar plum fairies around here.


the rest of the gang

i love it when i get to shoot with out any expectations of getting the perfect picture. we just mess around and the personalities of the kids are able to shine and i think you get way better pictures without trying so hard.


going green?

i did. i met up with the green family in dana point for some family pics. these girls were really good and aren't they just so cute?



my favorite pictures of the season are the first and last ones of this post. the reflections of the kids in the fireplace and the reflection of the girl, who looks like the most perfect ballerina, in the pool. at this time of year, it's nice to take time and reflect on things.


keep dreamin'

while we were waiting for the rest of the family to come for pictures, i told my niece to lay back and think about her dreams. i have dreams too...they mostly involve a clean house and dinner on the table.


sanders family

i just adore this fun and crazy family! she is due any day now and i can't wait to meet the latest addition.


the smart family

i wish i had been smart enough myself not to move away from this family. fortunately for me, they love coming to the beach.