the booth family

this is our third year of family photos together and these guys keep getting more stylish and cuter every year! i guess it helps when you're a hair stylist. (you can see chelsey's work here.)



i like humming birds, they remind me of my backyard growing up.


sold! to the lady in the back!

at my church we had a 'service swap auction'. it was a western theme, and they went all out on the decorations. our bidding paddles were even bedazzled! we had a questionaire that you earned points with and then you got to bid on items. i was so happy when this cute family of four girls was the highest bidder. i can't wait to use my winnings, of a day on a private beach.



so we keep getting this mysterious fog that rolls in about four o'clock and turns everything black and tries to ruin my photo shoots! but this time i out ran the fog and followed what little sunlight was left up the hillside for taylor's pics. he's got a lot going for him, eagle scout, lacrosse team, good student, future missionary and most importantly he's the nicest kid ever!


little lily

the first picture was taken when darling lily was five days old and now she's two! stop growing up so fast i just don't like it at all.


happy halloween

we have enough candy to last us until next halloween!