in the middle of fall, spring is here

Taking pictures of baby Spring, makes me seriously think that the misery of pregnancy is worth going through it one more time. how precious is she?


scary stuff

did you know that the ancient egyptians made cat mummies and buried artifacts to follow them in the afterlife. found in tombs of mummified cats were rats and mice for the cats to hunt in the afterlife.

but the egyptians didn’t want it to be all work and no play for their feline idols. they also left saucers of milk in the kitty tombs so they could lap in leisure.

i hope there's a saucer of milk waiting for me too, i could use a little lap of leisure.

more details about these over at one charming party.


some advice

christmas card photo season is upon us so remember this:
when picking a place to take pictures, choose somewhere that is comfortable for your family. we almost went to a random park for this session and then realized at the last minute that the best place was right in their own back yard. the kids felt natural there, the lighting was great and everyone was happy taking breaks and getting drinks. less stress = better pictures.


go batty

here are a few batty ideas i put together for a party over at one charming party.


first birthday

this party was complete with friends, fun and food served in chinese take out boxes! so cute.