ni hao

i wish i could speak chinese, because i bet this cute little grandma would have a lot to tell me.


just kids

i think i do everything that i tell parents not to do when i take pictures of my own kids. in the end, we're all happy and eating ice cream and grandma will have her pictures for christmas. i tell them that one day when they have kids of their own, they will understand.


i loved working with this family, but i kept getting the names of the two boys mixed up. even after an hour together i still couldn't seem to get it right. i need more sleep!



this is my best friend from high school and her darling family! i wish that i had a pictures of us in our cheerleading skirts together to share. actually, it's better that i don't then i don't have to see how old i've gotten. her little boy loves trains and so what better place to take pictures than by the train station. it was so cute, at the very end a train came by with santa claus on board and stopped and waved to us. i love the picture at the end with him and his train pamphlet and the amazement on his face as the train passed by.



some people say that redheads are going extinct and will be gone by the year 2100. that makes me even more happy tht these cousins have each other.


maready family

so my husband was on a flight home from northern cal and this guy sits next to him. come to find out that we live in the same city and go to the same church. how random is that?


teen scene

in between the family photo shoots, i took pictures of my darling niece. i did not look like this when i was a teenager. where's all the acne and awkwardness? we're going to have to keep this girl locked up until she's at least 25, maybe 30.