this cute little family's daddy is overseas right now. i'm so thankful for men like him who keep us safe here.


it's my party

one of the projects i love working on is designing parties and party invitations for one charming party. we just released the first official party for downloading and this one is free! check it out and download it, throw it on your ipad (using the myPDFs app) and curl up to a good party. i'm super excited for the next big release in november, it's a baking party!

picture by nicole hill


tiger invitation

if you'd like to download the invitations and have a tiger party of your own, click on the links below:

two year old invite

one year old invite


little tiger

what kind of party could be more fitting for a wild two year old who growls instead of talks, than a tiger party?
(well, it was either that or cave man theme)



my baby just turned two!


labor day weekend

i know you're supposed to take a break from working on labor day weekend, but i couldn't resist when some of my favorite clients and their friends were in town. amy's expecting a baby girl, and i can't wait to meet her new baby!



everyone should try one of those disposable underwater cameras. it was such a blast!