what a stud! i love working with seniors, they're too cool for school and yet awkward at the same time. i try to make them relax and laugh, but i end up being the one laughing the hardest. and of course, we couldn't leave mom on the sidelines the whole time. she'll be sad to see him go. 


family reunion

this is my absolute favorite cuban family! This was the first time they have all been together as siblings since childhood. what a sweet reunion. the highlight (especially for the guys) was getting to meet miss california, who just happened to be there taking pictures too. 


ali + josh

my super talented photographer friend elizabeth and i got to mess around and take pictures of these two love birds. it's always so fun to share ideas and tips with friends and i can't wait to do it again!


birch aquarium on the iphone

when i was a kid, i wanted to be an oceanographer when i grew up and after going to the birch aquarium i still want to be one. 


ashley + nick

how lucky are these two... they get to go to school and live in hawaii??!!! i'm thinking i need to plan a vacation to the island and meet them there for some more pictures.