so sweet

my husband bought me dozens of my favorite cookies for my birthday. i ate them all.


sit, stay, good dog.

i had so much fun working with this couple and their dog "harley". he was just like a little kid.



i was driving home on saturday from taking pictures and the sunset was so amazing, i had to take a picture of it! the people behind me probably thought i was a drunk driver swerving all over the road and trying to hold up my camera at the same time.


and baby makes three

i have never seen a baby with more blue eyes than this little guy.

a few more


g is for girl

my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby! she is a kindergarten teacher and so we went with a school theme, 'g is for girl'. we are so excited for her to arrive and for my 45 year old brother to experience fatherhood.


one of the gang

so i've photographed everyone in this family (except for the dad who lives in china) and i'm beginning to feel like i'm part of the family now.