art weekend

here i am at nicole hill's art weekend. second row, third on the right. i've been using some new illustrator tricks that i learned and i'm loving it. i'm busy with graphic design projects lately so the timing is perfect. thanks brittany for sending me!

(picture from nicole's blog)


you gotta fight, for your right, to party!

i'm still feverishly working on party plans and with the kids' birthdays coming up and i'm now the first counselor in primary and in charge of all the activities i'm in deep. yikes! i was featured on the party dress blog today for my sister-in-law's shower. kinda cool. well, back to party planning.


the hunting club

it was nice to get away from my to-do list and spend some time with family yesterday.


don't forget to smile today

sorry i've been so light on posting lately, but i've been busily working on some projects with one charming party. i can't wait this project is complete so that i can share it with you. have a great and rainy weekend!