i've been working really hard on some fun new ideas for valentine's day. you can check them out over at one charming party. my personal favorite are the candy gum ball necklaces.

necklace and pizza photo by me, the rest of the photos by nicole hill.



we went to my in laws house last night and the whole family was together for the first time in over two years. it was fun and crazy, and the sunset was spectacular! i'm going to alt this week, so i'll see you when i get back.



i just couldn't resist posting this series. it makes me so happy.


the hawes family

i was so nervous to do this photo shoot, because big groups are not my forte, but i went for it anyhow and i'm so glad i did. we had such a good time laughing and joking around. i guess it's true when they say, 'all because two people fell in love'. what a fabulous family!

p.s. thank you for not wearing matching outfits!



here's to the fresh start of a new year! my goals are to get organized and find balance.