ye ha!

i just got back from nevada to be with family for thanksgiving. in between stuffing my face, i had photo shoots with some great people and my sister, who is the most awesome person ever, as my assistant. i don't know what i'm going to do without her now that i'm back at home. i wish i could fly her in every time.
this was the sweetest family, i just couldn't pick my favorite pics. the oldest boy has autism and unfamiliar situations can be challenging, but he was a rock star! (i found out after we got there that he is allergic to hay and fur. oops!) and the locals were the nicest folks! they were letting us climb all over their hay, giving the kids horse rides and letting them play with their puppies. it ended up being a day adventure and not just boring family photos.


  1. Your style and creativity always amaze me. What a fun location to shoot.

  2. I keep meaning to comment on how much I love the pic of the parents in the doorway with the cactus.